Digitization of business processes

Digital Business Processes

Digitization of business processes is one of the measures designed to reduce bureaucracy, free up resources and generally ensure greater efficiency in companies. Together with you, we develop a process flow tailored specifically to your company, which we then integrate into our cloud-based process engine and create the necessary interfaces. The associated interface, optimized for your company, now enables you to easily manage and overview your processes.

Digital business processes make sense when:

  • You want lead your company into the digital world
  • You want to minimize manual and error-prone work and replace it with automated and thus faster as well as adaptable processes. e.g. accounts payable processes, vacation requests, acquisition of goods up to sales
  • you generally want to acchieve paperless office in your company
  • you want to save on personnel costs
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Your advantage

Digital business processes offers you:

  • Work faster and more efficiently
  • A workflow precisely aligned to your company
  • A clear, understandable and transparent management, overview and searchability of your processes using a simple interface
  • A cloud-based solution (end-to-end encrypted), no expensive on-site hard- and software is required
  • A faster and more efficient escalation process

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Digital Process automation with JobRouter®

With the modular JobRouter® digitization platform, you get a scalable solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT. You can digitize as many processes as you like for your company and create business applications.
With the JobRouter®digitization platform, you manage your processes, documents and data in many areas (finance, purchasing, human resources, sales & marketing, quality management, administration, etc.).
Another great advantage is the low–code approach; in this way, practically every user can design in a variety of ways and – while saving resources – define and implement targeted processes.
Mobile, local or in the cloud – you have access to your processes, data and documents at all times. With GoBD and IDW PS 880 certification, your governance and compliance requirements are also fully covered.

JobRouter® offers you these additional advantages:

  • JobRouter®-Module
    In addition to the basic functions, you can extend JobRouter® with a variety of modules. You can flexibly integrate modules from the areas of enterprise-wide process management, agile document management and integrated data management.
  • JobRouter® Cloud
    Whether JobRouter® Small Business Cloud or the JobRouter® Enterprise Cloud, you choose from various license and service packages and design the digitization platform according to your requirements and wishes.
  • JobMind Cloud
    This is an AI-based data extraction platform for your invoices. All relevant invoice data is extracted and made available in your workflows.
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Your advantage

  • Lower development costs because fewer programmers are needed and development is faster.
  • Flexibility, it allows business owners to quickly respond to changing needs by quickly adapting and changing applications.
  • Higher quality as it helps to minimize human errors by automatically running tests and including frequently used code blocks.
  • Integration with other systems and data sources, simplifying application development.
  • Better scalability to respond to growing business needs.


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System Integration

System Integration

System integration becomes crucial, when several systems need to communicate reliably and efficiently with each other. The integration platform we use connects all systems together and provides a hub for all information flows within the enterprise. Each system is connected to the hub through one single interface. This makes the exchange of information simpler and more flexible.

Integration platform is advantageous when:

  • At least three systems need to communicate with each other (e.g. CMS, Shop and ERP)
  • The processed data is important or critical for the enterprise
  • Other systems or interfaces are planned for the future
  • The advantage of multiple federated versus one monolithic system has been acknowledged
  • Data flow should be supervised, audited or used for BI
  • A flexible conversion or transformation of the interfaces between the systems is required
System integration advantages

Your advantage

An integration platform helps you to:

  • Reduce the number of different interfaces between the systems
  • Simplify the addition of new systems or applications
  • Create new interfaces to existing applications
  • Simplify the migration of existing applications
  • Create a central pick-up point for information for further processing, auditing or archiving
  • Supervise the entire information flow and enforce data protection within your enterprise


Logo Service Connector

Service Connector

Service oriented messaging middleware with high flexibility, performance and a very small footprint.

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Atupri AG

Atupri Health Insurance Company

The integration platform developed by STABILIT allows Atupri to strategically grow by adding new systems and re-organising services with minimal effort.

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PZM Psychiatric Center Münsingen AG

The integration platform provided by STABILIT eliminates data redundancy over the various systems and enables a seamless flow of information across the enterprise.

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Rule-based System

Rule Based Software

Rule based software analyses and processes data without manual interaction according to pre-defined rules. The individually pre-defined rules are applied automatically during the processing. In this way, the manual and financial effort is significantly reduced.

Rule based software is used for example in:

  • Automated data maintenance (e.g. Preparation of financial instruments for trading)
  • Enforcement of regulations (e.g. Compliance with international regulations regarding asset management for banks)
  • Recognition of characteristic features, patterns and trends (e.g. detection of insurance fraud, detection of prescriptions for unnecessary or wrong medicines, anonymization of text documents)
  • Detection of hazardous situations (e.g. in traffic, process monitoring or national security)
  • Knowledge-based diagnosis and expert systems

Rule based software is suitable for all kinds of companies and organisations having to deal with large amounts of data, complex data models and/or operating in a dynamic environment.

Rule bases software - Advantages

Your advantage

Rule based software helps you:

  • Automate business processes
  • Process more data in less time
  • Massively increase the quality of your data
  • Make better educated decisions based on clearly defined and standardised processes
  • Adapt your system quickly and easily to rapidly changing conditions
  • Save costs and resources
  • Significantly increase the efficiency of your enterprise


Logo Data Care Manager

Data Care Manager

Clever software for the automation of your data maintenance.

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Eurex Zürich AG

Eurex Zürich AG, Eurex Repo

Rule based data maintenance software was developed by STABILIT for the Eurex Repo F7 in Frankfurt.

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SIX Swiss Exchange AG

SIX Swiss Exchange AG

Rule based Basket Management software was developed by STABILIT for the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich.

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STABILIT brochure (German)

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