Process automation with JobRouter®

Kästli Bau AG

For the construction company Kästli AG, STABILIT integrated a central data hub, a so-called communication server. Several systems are connected, including JobRouter. In JobRouter itself, Stabilit implemented a master data tool for reference data as well as the "new employee entry" process.

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The central data hub or communication server enables different departments within the company to communicate and exchange data seamlessly. This increases the efficiency and accuracy of decisions, as decisions can be based on well-grounded data and information.
The new employee onboarding process helps the organization seamlessly integrate new employees, enabling them to move into their new roles more quickly and effectively. This includes creating an onboarding plan, training new employees, and providing all the tools and resources needed to be successful.
The reference data management application allows the company to store and organize important information for retrieval when needed. This includes job site and employee information that is critical to the success of the company. The application facilitates access to this information and allows the company to quickly access important data to make informed decisions specific to requests for proposals for references the offers.
In summary, this work can help improve business efficiency and effectiveness by enabling seamless communication, ensuring smooth integration of new employees, and facilitating access to key reference data.

Kästli Testimonial Markus Hersperger

Markus Hersperger

ICT Division Manager

«This Stabilit has successfully implemented InterSystems IRIS and JobRouter products for automation and is known for its high competence in this field, unwavering quality, reliable products and services, and ability to constructively implement ideas.»

System Integration

Atupri Logo

Atupri Health Insurance Company

For the health insurance company ATUPRI, STABILIT integrates all the important systems with a central hub, known as the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Almost ten systems have been connected to this hub, including the new customer portal myAtupri, the customer relationship systems (CRM) and the premium calculation system. The solution installed and supported by STABILIT allows ATUPRI to create new applications as necessary and integrate them easily and efficiently into their internal IT landscape.

Atupri Screenshot
Atupri Testimonial Dieter Genge

Dieter Genge

Member of the Board of Directors,
Responsible for Information management and Projects, Atupri Health Insurance Company

«With STABILIT and the InterSystems IRIS integration platform we have brought the information flow in our company up to a new level. We are now well prepared for future challenges. The cooperation with STABILIT is very valuable for us. It reaches from the conceptual work within the projects, up to the operations support and is proof that even small companies can achieve a lot. Regarding quality and reliability, we can always count on STABILIT.»

PZM Logo

PZM Psychiatric Center Münsingen AG

The continuous optimisation and adjustment of the business processes are one of the most important tasks of the IT team at PZM. With the integration platform provided by STABILIT, all applications have been connected to an integrated system which eliminates data redundancy. The new platform simplifies the administration of business processes and new applications can be easily integrated.

Success story (German)

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PZM Testimonial Martin Tadandja

Martin Tadandja

Head of IT,
PZM Psychiatric Center Münsingen AG

«Our goal, to have the right data at the right place and at the right time, was fully realised with the installation of the new InterSystems IRIS integration platform by STABILIT. Since the introduction in 2009, we can easily replace old applications with new ones. Within these migration projects, we are able to fully utilise the many advantages and functions of the integration platform. We appreciate the competence, quality and reliability of STABILIT and can look back on a long and successful collaboration.»

Rule Based Software

Eurex Zürich AG, Eurex Repo

For the trading platform Eurex Repo F7 in Frankfurt, STABILIT developed a rule-based software, which automatically maintains all master data based upon individually pre-defined business rules. This intelligent software collects and consolidates data from multiple information sources, prepares them for trading and distributes them to the appropriate places. The automation process has simplified the market operations, increased the quality of data and saved on resources.

Success story

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Eurex Testimonial Daniel Hartmann

Daniel Hartmann

Head of Market Operations,
Eurex Zürich AG, Eurex Repo

«The Master-Data-Management, designed and developed by STABILIT for the trading platform REPO F7 is our most important instrument for the maintenance of reference data. It is easy to use and fulfils all our requirements. We appreciate the profound technological and business knowledge of STABILIT on which we can rely on at all times. For these reasons we have had a close and successful association since 2005.»

SIX Swiss Exchange AG

STABILIT delivers to the SIX Swiss Exchange high quality software, which satisfies all their requirements regarding reliability and availability. Based on the current market parameters and according to pre-defined business rules, the software automatically maintains the content of the trading baskets. In this way, the basket content is adjusted immediately to the prevailing situation. The amount of the data, their relevance to the present and their quality was significantly increased.

Success story

SIX Screenshot
SIX Testimonial Chris Landis

Chris Landis

SIX Swiss Exchange AG

«STABILIT is faithful to its name, claiming a stable IT. It delivers reliable high-quality software that satisfies all the requirements of SIX Swiss Exchange. That's the reason why we can look back on a long and successful cooperation with STABILIT.»

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STABILIT brochure (German)

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