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Synthetic Test Data

STABILIT provides anonymous and realistic pesonal data which you can use to create your own test data for any test and any purpose. The number of test data you can create is nearly unlimitted. You can also create reference data for you regression tests.

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Data Care Manager

Clever rule based software for automated data maintenance. The software efficiently increases the quality of your data and keeps it up to date.

Only the information sources, the rules and output data you require, must be defined. The rest is handled by the Data Care Manager software. It automatically consolidates, validates and distributes the data according to your rules. It will seem as if helpful pixies have sneaked in during the night and done all the work.

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Service Connector

The Service Connector (SC) is a lightweight service oriented messaging middleware. Its major features are flexibility, scalability and simplicity. The product is easy to use, portable, efficient and due to Open-Source Technology free of license costs.

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Stabilit Basic Cache Library

Our productivity tool for Cache databases and Ensemble applications reduces the development effort and increases the final software quality. It simplifies the handling of complex interfaces and offers practical oriented add-ons for the deployment cycle.

SBCL for Cache databases and Ensemble will boost the productivity of your development efforts.

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