Product Information

Anonymous and realistic personal data (Names and addresses), suitable to create test data for any test and any purpose you need.

  • You can create nearly unlimmited amount of test data
  • Re-identification is not possible
  • Create of referenz data is also possible.
  • Selectable languuage region German / French / Italian / all
  • Selectable Gender male / female / both
  • Selectable address authenticity:
    1. City and ZIP are genuine, street and house nr. are random
    2. City, ZIP and street are genuine, house nr. is random
    3. City, ZIP, street and house nr. are genuine, (real address)

Product presentation (in German)

Technical Specification

Format = CSV, Encoding = UTF-8, one header line, fix columns:

  • ID (number, 1-n)
  • first name (256 characters)
  • last name (256 characters)
  • gender (1 character "m"/"f")
  • language area (code 5 characters e.g. "de-CH" )
  • street (256 characters)
  • house nr. (number, 1-n)
  • ZIP (number, 4 digits)
  • city (256 characters)
  • county (256 characters)
  • canton / region (256 characters)

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The more authentic the data needs to be, the higher is the price.

  • 1: city and ZIP are genuine, street and street nr. are random
  • 2: city, ZIP and street are genuine, street number is random
  • 3: city, ZIP, street and street number are genuine

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